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Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015, 06:49

=40h= Community welcomes You!

Hi! :) My name is Artyom. I'm represent game community of BF2 from Russia =40h=. After the down Gamespy servers began a bad time for BF2. :( Im looking for opponents for friendlymatches/ clanwars/ funwars. In last time we played with =DOG=,*Held* and *BF2L*. :thumbsup: We almost dont play now on public servers , but sometimes get together for funwars/ friendlymatches. We have a medium level of the game, we play for fun and we like competitive spirit at bf2. ^^ Some information about us. Our community was founded in 2009. It consists of players aged 23 - 40 years. We played with more than 20 amateur teams for 5 years. Played in different modes of BF2. We didn't participate in major tournaments. We love Battlefield 2 and try to keep his active life. :thumbup: May be we can will play funmatch? for example 5 VS 5